Randy Pryor cleverly combines comedy, magic, and highly-skilled dexterity to make his one-of-a-kind show absolutely hilarious!

Highlights Include:

Bowling ball Juggling
6-gun Twirling
Balloon Hypnosis
Eccentric Dancing
...and much more!

"Time Flys"

Randy borrows a watch from
one of your VIP’s, and juggles it
with a bowling ball, and his lunch!
Everything ends well with an
unbelievable twist!


Randy transforms LIVE on stage
into “Dusty,” the world's oldest,
funniest, 6-gun twirlin' geezer
of the Wild West! Dusty proves
he's still as sharp as ever - with a
little help from an audience volunteer!

(If Randy is not moving, click HERE.)

"The Great American Hat Dance"

Randy’s grand finale is an award-winning, eye-popping, eccentric dance.
Without a doubt, “...the last thing you’ll expect, but, the first thing you’ll remember!”

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